Beyond Boundaries

Nukwami at the 23rd Triennale de Milano International exhibition from July 15th to December 11th, 2022.

What does it mean to grow up beyond the borders of one’s community? NUKWAMI responds to these questions through his artistic journey. Born in Nyanza, Rwanda, he grew up between Africa and Europe, returning back to his native land as an adult. Framed by Rwandan folk art patterns, Nukwami’s colorful, dreamlike paintings reflect his pursuit to reconnect with his Rwandan roots by finding the link to his identity. His works are also a means to break through conventional cultural boundaries. For him, they are a key to exploring an ever-expanding self, and to dreaming of a better tomorrow. The installation design of the 23rd @triennalemilano will be created & designed in the Palazzo dell’Arte by Burkinabé architect Francis Kéré, co-curator of the Triennale, founder of Kéré Architecture & 2022 Pritzker Prize laureate.

NUKWAMI | 23rd Triennale | Milano 2022


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